Test Results

If you have had a blood test, x-ray, scan etc. and you do not hear from the practice within two weeks following your test then this means that your results are within normal range and there is no action required.

However sometimes the doctor will need to talk to you about your results, if this is the case the practice will contact you via telephone. Please ensure that we have an up to date telephone number.

Results will only be given to the patient themselves or to the parents of minors.

Information For Patients Under Hospital Care

Tests and Investigations

All tests and investigations required by the specialists must be ordered by them and the appointments sent to you.

If the specialist requires blood tests he/she should give you a request form which you can take to whoever normally provides blood tests in your area. This varies and may be your surgery, hospital or community clinic.

The specialist if responsible for acting upon the results of any test he/she requests and for informing you of the results.

If you haven’t heard from the specialist about a test result please ring the specialist’s secretary at the hospital, not the GP practice as your surgery may not know the result and will not know what the specialist intended to do with the information.


If the specialist prescribes a new medication or changes one that you are on, they should provide you with the first prescription. This may be on a white prescription that can be used in the hospital pharmacy or on a green one that you can take to your normal pharmacy.

Upon notification form the specialist your surgery may automatically add the medication change to your repeat list on the computer. You will then be able to order re-supply without an appointment. However you must telephone your surgery to confirm this or use on-line services if you have registered for them.

Not all medication prescribed by a specialist are suitable for being prescribed by your GP surgery.

If you are uncertain what changes the specialist is making please ask them to explain it to you at your next appointment. It saves you having to see your GP to discuss something he or she may only know of from a short letter of explanation.

Sick or Fit Note (Med3)

If you need to be certified as unfit for work as a result of the treatment provided by your specialist (or therapist) he of she should issue a sick note when you are discharged form hospital or seen in the clinic. Please ask for one if you need it. This should cover the full period of time the specialist anticipates you will be unfit for work.

You should not have to visit your GP simply to obtain a sick note which should have been provided by a specialist.

Follow Up Appointments

If you need to be seen again the hospital will provide you with another appointment. Please ask the specialist’s secretary if it does not arrive in a timely way.

The GP surgery is unable to assist with administrative matters relating to hospital appointments.

In summary, specialists are responsible for:

  • Looking after all your tests
  • Providing prescriptions when needed
  • Issuing a sick note if required
  • Providing you with a follow up appointment if necessary